Rethink, Revamp, Regenerate

for sustainable change and profits.

Change Integration

We implement Change Integration solutions to increase the effectiveness of your tactical change initiatives with your human capital investment. Our goal is to assist in accelerating the integration of change, while enhancing change communication, improving team performance, and increasing employee productivity. We utilize an integrated suite of change management techniques in the areas of:

  • Change leadership and readiness management
  • Business change strategy, goals and roadmap
  • People and Change Adoption
  • Business process improvement
  • Quality change management and execution
  • Operations performance improvement
  • Talent assessment, alignment, roles and performance goals
  • Technology utilization and integration
  • Change performance incentives and benchmarking

Merger Integration

The success of most acquisitions begins even before the deal is closed. Critical to achieving a successful acquisition is performing an efficient and precise merger integration in a timely fashion; loss on investment is realizing what you’ve bought after the deal is closed or taking too long to integrate the acquisition.

We work along side our clients to accelerate the merger integration with our proven expertise in the following areas:

  • Merger goals, plan and value drivers
  • Merger integration roadmap, resources & timeline
  • Enterprise & cross-functional change roles
  • Merger change management techniques
  • Merger teams, plans & key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Stakeholders role and expectations
  • Human resource capital alignment
  • Merger adoption performance and dashboards

Shared Services

Our solutions span the healthcare, retail, services, distribution and restaurant industry sectors. Our professionals are industry experts that utilize their proven methodologies, best practices and solutions drawn from the worlds of international consulting and Big 4 accounting firms.

We utilize a flexible service model that engages our clients in the implementation of solutions with a cross-functional threading approach in the shared services areas:

  • Customer service call center
  • Merchandising & purchasing transformation
  • Sales & service process transformation
  • Sales techniques & productivity
  • Sales management, performance & alignment
  • Marketing & product programs
  • Operations assessment & profit margin improvement
  • Customer contracts & management
  • Vendor contract & management

Small Business Solutions

Considering buying a franchise and/or owning your own business? We realize over 80% of entrepreneurs fail in the first couple of years of starting a business. Even the best and the brightest professionals are embedded in this statistic. Our seasoned executives “walk the talk” for your success and will provide the depth of knowledge to improve your survival in a very competitive industry.

Passion and drive are important but can only take an entrepreneur so far. Our roadmap contains vital “Lessons Learned” to build business pillars and viable partnerships in the areas of:

  • Business strategy & due diligence
  • Marketing strategy & product offerings
  • Operating performance model
  • Equipment & Facilities Assessment


Our Nonprofit solutions utilizes a 360 Giving Cycle Approach that sustains the giving cycle that flows from fundraising, donations, volunteers, and community programs that deliver impact and significant contributions to improving the community.

Our team of experts works diligently with Board Members and management to improve the strategy execution while increasing the effectiveness of the volunteers who are instrumental in delivering viable social services to the community.

We offer the following services to our valued clients:

  • Fundraising program execution
  • Outreach program implementation
  • Programs, revenue streams and reporting
  • Organization teaming & talent alignment
  • Volunteer management, tracking & recognition
  • Operations effectiveness assessment
  • Technology integration & utilization